The roots run deep within my own family dinners. From having lunch at the old plantation homes on the west side of Kauai with my grandparents to eating at Hamura Saimin, we always used Chili Water.

Through out the years, chili water has slowly become non-existent except specialty restaurants and stores.  With the resurgence of locally grown and locally made, I decided to dedicate my free time and energy to give life back to the Chili Water. After months of trial and error, I believe I have found a way to produce a highly quality product in mass without losing its original essence.

The “Da Secret Sauce” name came from my nieces. During family dinners and BBQ’s, they would ask “Uncle did you bring your Secret Sauce?” Which eventually became “Da Secret Sauce” Thank you Brianna and Brendi for being the first devoted customers, and thank you for your infectious encouragements that brought me to this point today.

The logo is created from a design competition launched online. A unique way of getting things done with out having contacts to designers. Here at Da Secret Sauce I strive to be relevant in a world that changes daily. From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube, I have socially expanded our network to reach you, the customer.

My plan on reaching the market is via Social Marketing, Word of Mouth, Internet Sales, and You. You are everything in this company and I hope that you purchase our product online,  request to buy it at your local stores, and request to use it at your local restaurants. Eventually I hope to be in every major store in Hawaii whether it be Safeway, Foodland, Times, Costco, Wholefoods, Sam’s Club, ABC Stores, etc. And then reach the mainland and one day the world.  No longer will chili water be a secret to our islands.

Mahalo for visiting the site and feel free to contact us at any of the social media sites.

Rex Moribe
May 1, 2012
“Its because of You, We Succeed.

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