Q. Why aren’t you in more stores?
A. Since we are still in our infant stages of our business, we are working diligently to get into more stores and our hopes is that our customers demand it in there local stores, so we can get it in there. We wish it was easy as a click of a mouse, but with no track record we have to work from the ground up or get a distributor.

Q. Are you at any of the Farmers Market?
A. No. However we are willing to work with different merchants if they want to sell our product in there booths.

Q. Can we use Da Secret Sauce for Fundraising on outer islands or even on the mainland?
A. Yes if you are willing to take care of the shipping methods and costs, Either mail, freight, or flight.

Q. Why is there no physical address for your company?
A. We have no permanent location, other then our homes. On the bottle label, we do have our partners address listed, that is in hilo, 82 Ponahawai Street Hilo, HI 96720. If you are on the big island, feel free to visit the store and buy a bottle along with some clothes or prints.

Q. Why can’t we find Da Secret Sauce when searching it in Yelp?
A. Because we have no physical address as of yet, we cannot lock the location down. However you can still review us by click here

Q. Can we submit recipes?
A. Yes and we encourage you too. We recommend posting it on any of our social sites. Facebook\Twitter\Youtube

Q. Can we star in your youtube videos?
A. Absolutely! We plan on releasing a video once a week and are always looking for new recipes and faces

Q. Will you have giveaways and Contest?
A. Yes in the near future

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