Ways to use your Sauce

A general idea for Da Secret Sauce is that anything you would use Tabasco\Hot sauce, use Da Secret Sauce.

1. Splashing
Ramen\Samin whatever you call your noodles, we can say you will no longer eat your noodles the same. Once you Splash on Da Secret Sauce you will turn your 99 cent noodles into something amazing. Also splashing on cooked fish, poke, meats, and vegetables.

2. Dipping Sauce
Dishes like Steaks, Chicken and Vegetables are great for dipping. We encourage you mixing Da Secret Sauce with a little shoyu.

3. Spicy Ketchup
Mix Da Secret Sauce with Ketchup. This idea came from one of our devoted customers, Mark M. He was so happy with his ketchup invention with French fries that he also top his Meat Loaf with Spicy Ketchup.

4.  Vinegar Substitute
Any dishes that you would use Vinegar, we encourage you to use Da Secret Sauce.  A dish that was also made from Mark was Chicken Adobo. He said he will never use regular Vinegar again when making Chicken Adobo.

5.  Take a Shot
Through out the years we were always amazed when seeing family and friends taking shots of the sauce, especially over a couple of cold beers. For some reason taking a shot with beers taste great, don’t ask just try. And Remember, Drink Responsibly.

Now go enjoy your Sauce


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